The Bayshire Promise


Giving families financial peace of mind when they need it most.

When considering long-term care options, your first thought may be, how do I stretch my limited funds to last as long as possible? We understand that 100%. That’s why we partnered with a local HMO to pilot a unique MediCal program that is only available through Bayshire Senior Communities. Once your loved one’s financial reserves are spent down, our Medical Specialist team will help you learn the steps to qualify for this unique MediCal HMO, which covers the cost for a semi-private accommodation in one of our communities.

MediCal typically covers only individuals living in nursing homes. Because of our one-of-a-kind arrangement, Bayshire is the only assisted living provider in San Diego County that can offer its residents this financial safeguard. This is a huge win for us and our families! With Bayshire’s commitment to clinical excellence, our communities already provide the daily living support most of our residents will need throughout their lives. Our communities are purposefully designed to feel like home, inside and out, with beautiful furnishings, comfortable gathering places, and plenty of natural light. Add to that the genuine kindness of world-class caregivers, and it’s easy to understand why our residents thrive in our care. We want to keep them home with Bayshire, where they belong.

To find out more about the Bayshire Promise, or to see if you qualify for the program, give us a call or stop by anytime.

The Bayshire Promise helps:

  • Individuals concerned about running out of funds in the future.
  • Seniors aged 64 and older in need of assisted living.
  • Residents in a skilled nursing setting who would benefit from a homier environment.
  • Spouses who are concerned about spending down their resources on senior living.
  • Seniors who would benefit from specialized memory care with a secure environment.
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